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Is the concrete or pavement surrounding your Issaquah home dark with dirt, debris and unsightly residue? Let NW Pro Clean restore the natural color and sparkle of your surface with our top rated pressure washing services. By routinely pressure washing, you'll prevent staining and bacterial buildup that can lead to cracks and uneven ground. Any flat outdoor surface can be pressure washed, including driveways, pavers, patios, and decks.

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Why Should I Pressure Wash My Surfaces?

Is your concrete stained with oils, salts, and stains? Unclean concrete could hurt the curb appeal of your home. With professional pressure washing, your concrete will bring restored beauty to your home along with many other benefits.

Limits Weeds – While weed growth is inevitable for cracks and driveways, a professional pressure wash will remove the weeds growing in your cracks. After washing and applying a sealant, your driveway will be weed-free for the rest of the year.

Increase Safety – The build-up of mold, mildew, and oil residue makes it a hazard for family and friends to visit if the stains are not addressed immediately. Our pressure washing professionals remove not only the worry of your concrete being dirty but also the risk of a slip and fall.

Prevents Costly Repairs – Pressure washing prevents small cracks from becoming big ones and keeps you from having to pay to have your driveway replaced.

When Should I Pressure Wash?

The everyday hustle and bustle may keep you overlooking the uncleanliness of your driveway but making sure it gets the cleaning it needs is important. Unfortunately, not many homeowners see the signs of when it is time to have their driveway pressure washed.

Looks + Feels Slick – Does your driveway look or feel slick? This could be because of a buildup of oil from cars. Overtime oil slicks can become slippery, making it a hazard.

Looks Dry – If your driveway is looking dry or cracked, it is time for a pressure washing. With your driveway being exposed to the sunlight all day as well as harsh weather conditions, a pressure washing will help keep it from drying out and cracking.

Dirty-Looking Driveway – Your driveway can begin to look an ugly mess with high traffic, dirt, and debris. Organic growth mixed in with all that dirt can eat away at your concrete, decreasing its lifespan.

Don't Overlook Your Concrete

Residential Sidewalk Pressure Washing Before and After Snoqualmie

Putting off the responsibility to hire a professional to pressure wash your dirty concrete is a mistake. Dirt, oils, and stains could make the curb appeal of your home fall. Without a thorough pressure wash you stand the chance of friends and family not wanting to visit and your home losing value. Our dedicated and hard-working pressure washing professionals will relieve the stress and worry of losing your curb appeal with a professional pressure wash. We will work hard to exceed your expectations and to leave you satisfied. 


Is NW Pro Clean licensed, insured and bonded?

Yes, NW Pro Clean prides itself in having the credentials required for this type of work.


What surfaces will NW Pro Clean pressure wash?

NW Pro Clean will only pressure wash hard surfaces that can handle high pressure such as concrete walkways and driveways, brick, stone, dumpster pads and Asphalt. All other surfaces are generally easily damaged with a pressure washing and require a “SoftWash” service. We wash siding, decks, fencing, roofs, using our proven “SoftWash” techniques.


Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing?

Soft Washing is cleaning proccess in which chemical cleaning agents and disinfectants are applied by an agricultural style sprayer to remove organic stains from building and roof surfaces. The cleaning detergents do all of the work and no pressure washing is needed to complete the cleaning process.


What is the point of pressure washing?

The Northwest has the perfect weather for moss and algae to thrive. Left untreated they can be a very destructive force to your home or business property, as well as be a hazard on walking surfaces. Pressure washing can prolong the life of the surfaces of your home or business property, and keep them looking fresh and new.

Why choose NW Pro Clean as your

Issaquah Pressure Washer?

With 10 years of combined experience, NW Pro Clean is the obvious choice!
We are the #1 Professional Pressure Washer in

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